Inspiration behind Big…

April 26, 2010

I figured I would give a little background on my latest album… “Big” was a project I started in September of 09. The name comes from the 1988 Tom Hanks movie (if you haven’t seen it you should go watch it), and the overarching theme of the album is loosely based on the storyline of the movie. The album is about a rapper who’s extremely anxious to be big, and initially enjoys it when it seems to come over night… But then eventually realizes that the grown up world is crazy (especially in the music industry) and that he’s still just a kid at heart…

The inspiration behind the artwork came from the famous scene in the movie where he was walking on the big piano.


“Big” download link

April 20, 2010

Here’s the official download link to my new project “Big”. Download… Enjoy… Spread the word…

Ever since the music video premiere party went down last Friday night, people have been blowin me up askin about when the music video is gonna go up online. Here’s the official announcement…

The SB Dunks music video will drop on 420, along with my new album “Big”

I figured it’d be dope to give everybody some new music to vibe to… and a crazy ass video to watch to go along with the traditional proceedings of 420… ha

But stay tuned… cuz if you reeeeeeeally get anxious and can’t wait another week to get the album and video… we just might have something you can do to get it early… stay tuned.

“Big” Album Art

March 30, 2010

The album is almost finished, I’m about 90% done… So I figured I would unveil the cover art.

If you’ve seen the movie Big then you understand the idea here…

A teacher of mine called it a “beautiful ironic life”… I guess its kinda crazy. Sunday night I performed in front of thousands of people at an arena in Mississippi, opening up for Lil Wayne… Then I spent my monday driving back to New Orleans,  leaving a lifestyle of never ending hennessy bottles, mad weed, and luxurious tour buses… to resume my life as a full time college student with 2 jobs… Well, 3 jobs if you count recording new music for my upcoming mixtape thats due out shortly.

Anyway, you can catch all the video from the tour that my DJ got at