And just like that… Work was done in Chicago, so Luis came to see me and ask if I was ready to shoot to LA.

Next thing I knew I was boarding a plane to LA to work with some other producers out here.


It’s a weird feeling… walking into a situation where you know you have the opportunity to make something that can change your life…

Made me feel a little anxious… I couldn’t sleep the night before yesterday because I knew what the situation was… I was gonna go into the booth with the pressure on me to make something crazy. But after all, that’s what they brought me out here to Chicago for.

At the end of the day though… This shit is what I do!! So we made some crazy shit yesterday. Mick Schultz (the producer) is a genius, and it’s dope working with him. I kicked an idea to him and he built the beat around it while I wrote my shit. I don’t like to jinx shit and say a song is a hit too early, but this song was crazy… I havn’t been that excited about a new record in a long time… shit felt good.

Then later on, the big homie Jeremih came thru the studio and me and him did a track, which was dope too. So look out for that to show up when we leak it pretty soon.

Yesterday was just a crazy ass day… 17 hrs straight in the lab… Shout out to red bull for keeping me awake.

Bout to head back to the studio now… So i’ll update more soon.

– G

Hello Chicago

July 6, 2010

Got flown into Chicago on July 4th and saw the illest fireworks show of my life when the plane started to descend into the city.

BTW, Southwest is the shit! They’re def my new favorite airline.

I got brought out here by Go Management, to get in the studio with Mick Schultz (Producer of Birthday Sex, and Jeremih’s whole album). We hit the lab all day yesterday and started working on some stuff. The dudes a genius. The beats he played me were ridiculous.

We knocked out a track and it came out hot. So I’m hoping this leads to us working together a lot more…

Which song would you rather see a video for, California Culture… or… My Life Is A Party?

In case you need another listen to decide… here are the links to both songs…

My Life Is A Party ft. Circa 87

California Culture

Yay Arreeeaaaaaaaa

June 17, 2010

I’m performing this Sunday in San Francisco at the Mezzanine, at the VIP after party for the Cannibus Cup, presented by High Times.

21+ | $20 cover | 10 pm doors

Also performing:
Rocker T
Rollin Rockers

Hosted by High Times Executive Editor: Dan Skye

For Bottle Service Call 415.625.8880

The Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
444 Jessie Street

The last show of the tour went down last night at none other than The Republic. The throwback theme this week was Super Soaker, so we gave away squirt guns to the first 100 ppl in the doors, and had an epic ass water fight at the end of my set. Ahhhhh, shit was epic.

Here’s some photos from last night.

OK… I think I finally have the energy to sit down and do this. The whole last week has been crazy.

Most nights have gone like this:

Arrive at venue, set up, sound check.

Perform set.


After party.

Leave After party. Hit the road in the middle of the night to next city.

Arrive in the next city early in the morning. Check in hotel.

Crash for a couple of hours, get up shower, then repeat process.

So starting with upstate NY where I left off in the last post… Shit was dope! We linked up with Circa 87’s manager first, who’s a real cool dude. Then we headed to the venue and kicked it with Circa. The show was dope, a good crowd came out and we all partied. We left that night for Connecticut.

Got to CT early in the morning, checked into the hotel and crashed for a few hours before heading to BOMB Fest. We bumped into Jay Electronica back stage and talked to him for a minute, he’s a real cool dude. He performed his set around 1pm. His set was ill as fuck, he had hella kids from the crowd come up on stage with him shit was sick. We went on right after him on the second Main Stage. It was my first time playing a music fest so it was dope as fuck! The crowd showed mad love and we had fun. After we got off, the Cool Kids went on right after us and they did their thing. The whole day was dope, we chilled with cool kids back stage, bumped into Lupa, Girl Talk and Of Montreal. That night we after partied at the hotel and chilled with some cool folks we met at the fest.

Next day we hit the road for Boston and played an unannounced special free show in Cambridge which was dope. There were a couple of bands on the bill made up of mostly Berklee kids. They were all cool, the show was dope then we after partied for a lil bit before crassshhhing super hard.

Today we kicked it in Boston and I remembered how much I like this city. Its somthin about it…

Aright, now we’re back in the van driving to NYC.

Guaranteed I’ll get some pics up when we get to the city and I can sit down and edit them.

– G