Pre-show necesseties

October 21, 2010

1. 2 shots of cheap whiskey

2. Chug a red bull

3. Drink a beer


S/O Dustin for taking these ill ass photos and chillin with us at the show!

Webisode 2 from this leg of the Light Dreams and Nightmares tour w/ Drake.

Chicago was super dope. we had a cool ass time.

Filmed by Matt Bauerschmidt

Background music: D. Bridge Da Kid ft. G-Eazy – “Sunny”

S/O Big Juice !!!!!!!!

Put together a quick G-Eazy TV webisode from the st louis stop on the drake tour.

Filmed by: Matt Bauerschmidt @2mattyb

S/O Jay Fay & Michael Franco

Yo! Shoutout to Bloomington, that crowd was live! they showed hella love… here’s some video from my set.

The last show of the tour went down last night at none other than The Republic. The throwback theme this week was Super Soaker, so we gave away squirt guns to the first 100 ppl in the doors, and had an epic ass water fight at the end of my set. Ahhhhh, shit was epic.

Here’s some photos from last night.

OK… I think I finally have the energy to sit down and do this. The whole last week has been crazy.

Most nights have gone like this:

Arrive at venue, set up, sound check.

Perform set.


After party.

Leave After party. Hit the road in the middle of the night to next city.

Arrive in the next city early in the morning. Check in hotel.

Crash for a couple of hours, get up shower, then repeat process.

So starting with upstate NY where I left off in the last post… Shit was dope! We linked up with Circa 87’s manager first, who’s a real cool dude. Then we headed to the venue and kicked it with Circa. The show was dope, a good crowd came out and we all partied. We left that night for Connecticut.

Got to CT early in the morning, checked into the hotel and crashed for a few hours before heading to BOMB Fest. We bumped into Jay Electronica back stage and talked to him for a minute, he’s a real cool dude. He performed his set around 1pm. His set was ill as fuck, he had hella kids from the crowd come up on stage with him shit was sick. We went on right after him on the second Main Stage. It was my first time playing a music fest so it was dope as fuck! The crowd showed mad love and we had fun. After we got off, the Cool Kids went on right after us and they did their thing. The whole day was dope, we chilled with cool kids back stage, bumped into Lupa, Girl Talk and Of Montreal. That night we after partied at the hotel and chilled with some cool folks we met at the fest.

Next day we hit the road for Boston and played an unannounced special free show in Cambridge which was dope. There were a couple of bands on the bill made up of mostly Berklee kids. They were all cool, the show was dope then we after partied for a lil bit before crassshhhing super hard.

Today we kicked it in Boston and I remembered how much I like this city. Its somthin about it…

Aright, now we’re back in the van driving to NYC.

Guaranteed I’ll get some pics up when we get to the city and I can sit down and edit them.

– G


June 2, 2010

Dear Berkeley,
I’m sorry but unfortunately it looks like I wont be doing another show at La Pena any time soon. Apparently, we were too rowdy and loud at the sold out show I did back in January, and we got a bunch of complaints from neighbors. So the venue is tryna hate.
I’m still gonna work on locking down another venue in the B to do another show there this summer though. I know all the kids been blowin me up about bringing the my life is a party tour back home to the bay. I’m tryin yall… Just know that when we get a date and a venue locked down, I’ll announce it and the show will be epic.

Stay tuned

– G

And we haven’t been holding our promise to write everyday… but this whole last week has been crazy for us.

Our last post was May 23rd, so I’m just gonna do a quick day by day recap of this week…

May 24th – My 21st birthday. We had the day off in Chicago so we chilled in the city for most of the day, then hit the strip club that night. Shit was dope.

May 25th – Chilled in Chicago then hit the road.

May 26th – We linked up with our homie big Juice and the rest of everybody from the Drake tour in Cleveland.

May 27th – We opened for Drake in Cleveland, Ohio and the fans showed maaaaad love. Shit was tight, Cleveland held it down, they were a dope ass crowd.

May 28th – We opened for Drake again, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio. The show was dope, except we had to leave right after my set and hit the road and drive all night to make it to upstate NY in time for todays show.

May 29th – Aiight so here we are now… May 29th, we got a show tonight at the Putnam Den in upstate NY with our homies Circa 87 (featured on My Life Is A Party). They’re gonna be joining us on the rest of the east coast dates on the tour, so that should be dope.

We’ll post a bunch more pictures from this week as soon as we get a minute… stay tuned.

– G