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“Superhero Syndrome” (prd. by Michael Franco) —> DOWNLOAD LINK

Aiight, so this song has a dope ass story of how it came about… On the drive to St Louis, I heard this fool Franco making this ill ass beat in the van, so I grabbed it and wrote a song to it, chillin in the next row. The concept was something that I had been wanting to write about for a while, and the energy of the beat matched it, so it all came together pretty quick.

Once we got to our homie Peter’s house in St Louis, we set up the lab and got to work. My drummer, Keenan is actually a dope ass engineer, so he ran the session for us and mixed it. Shit came out nice. Once we were done, Franco had the idea to throw a few samples from the movie “Kick Ass” in there, and it came out dope. Overall, it was cool being able to put the song together on the road. We’re gonna keep recording a bunch more on this tour, so stay tuned for more leaks. We’re also gonna be shooting videos to songs we do so stay tuned!!

– G

New leak!

March 24, 2010

Peep game, me and my homie Priceless did a joint called “House Party”, it’s off his upcoming EP “Just Listen”… peep the joint here and spread the word.


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