Hello Chicago

July 6, 2010

Got flown into Chicago on July 4th and saw the illest fireworks show of my life when the plane started to descend into the city.

BTW, Southwest is the shit! They’re def my new favorite airline.

I got brought out here by Go Management, to get in the studio with Mick Schultz (Producer of Birthday Sex, and Jeremih’s whole album). We hit the lab all day yesterday and started working on some stuff. The dudes a genius. The beats he played me were ridiculous.

We knocked out a track and it came out hot. So I’m hoping this leads to us working together a lot more…


And we haven’t been holding our promise to write everyday… but this whole last week has been crazy for us.

Our last post was May 23rd, so I’m just gonna do a quick day by day recap of this week…

May 24th – My 21st birthday. We had the day off in Chicago so we chilled in the city for most of the day, then hit the strip club that night. Shit was dope.

May 25th – Chilled in Chicago then hit the road.

May 26th – We linked up with our homie big Juice and the rest of everybody from the Drake tour in Cleveland.

May 27th – We opened for Drake in Cleveland, Ohio and the fans showed maaaaad love. Shit was tight, Cleveland held it down, they were a dope ass crowd.

May 28th – We opened for Drake again, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio. The show was dope, except we had to leave right after my set and hit the road and drive all night to make it to upstate NY in time for todays show.

May 29th – Aiight so here we are now… May 29th, we got a show tonight at the Putnam Den in upstate NY with our homies Circa 87 (featured on My Life Is A Party). They’re gonna be joining us on the rest of the east coast dates on the tour, so that should be dope.

We’ll post a bunch more pictures from this week as soon as we get a minute… stay tuned.

– G

Yessir. The next official single off the album will premiere this Sunday, May 24th. It’s called “Drinks Up” and is def the summer party anthem.

U can hear it at all the usual places, (http://g-eazy.com http://myspace.com/geazyofficial) and it will be available for download on iTunes and Amazon, just like the album.

So tune in on Sunday for that, and cop the single.

Also by the way…  Sunday is my bday, I’ll b 20, but as a birthday wish u can cop that single.