Pre-show necesseties

October 21, 2010

1. 2 shots of cheap whiskey

2. Chug a red bull

3. Drink a beer


S/O Dustin for taking these ill ass photos and chillin with us at the show!

Webisode 2 from this leg of the Light Dreams and Nightmares tour w/ Drake.

Chicago was super dope. we had a cool ass time.

Filmed by Matt Bauerschmidt

Background music: D. Bridge Da Kid ft. G-Eazy – “Sunny”

S/O Big Juice !!!!!!!!

Put together a quick G-Eazy TV webisode from the st louis stop on the drake tour.

Filmed by: Matt Bauerschmidt @2mattyb

S/O Jay Fay & Michael Franco

Yo! Shoutout to Bloomington, that crowd was live! they showed hella love… here’s some video from my set.

Zombies in Bloomington!!

October 17, 2010

Yoooooo, last night’s show in Bloomington w/ Drake was insane! The show was at ISU’s arena, and the crowd showed MAD love, so shout out to everybody who came to the show!!

We had the craziest experience driving around after the show trying to find a party though lol… All these drunk ass kids kept walking up on our van trying to open the door and get in. I swear it was like we were in a zombie movie.

They thought it was a party bus or some shit. haha



October 14, 2010

Checkin in from Chicago… opened for drake last night in St. Louis and Chicago tonight. Havin hella fun out here !!!

I’ll post video and songs soon from the shows!! Too faded right now..

Click the art to download.

It’s been a while…

October 4, 2010

Took some downtime to work on some new music, but now I’m back. HELLA new shit coming sooooooooooon!